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Pedestrian Car Accident

Obviously pedestrians will always come off second best when involved in a pedestrian car accident. The most vulnerable groups of people involved in pedestrian car accidents are young children distracted when playing in the street, and the elderly who are not sufficiently agile to avoid oncoming traffic. Consequently, both young and old can suffer serious, often life threatening accidents, simply from trying to cross the road. Where the accident has been caused by a driver not paying adequate attention to his surroundings or traffic signals, there is good reason to make a claim for personal injury compensation. However, this should not detract from the primarily concern of assisting anybody injured in a pedestrian car accident to get medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Surprising, pedestrian car accidents rarely result in fatalities – even though 26 avoidable instances were recorded in 2008. However the percentage of pedestrians suffering “serious” injury (as assessed by the Road Safety Authority) represents 18% of all serious injuries sustained in road traffic accidents nationwide. Some of these serious injuries may not be immediately apparent and, especially with children, can lead to life-long health issues. Therefore, whenever you, or anybody you witness, is hurt in a pedestrian car accident, you first thought should be to call for an ambulance and the Gardai.

Compensation for Pedestrian Car Accidents

Claiming compensation for pedestrian car accidents can be complicated if the liable driver fails to acknowledge his responsibility for the accident or drives away without stopping. As the percentage of serious injuries is significantly high, the amount paid in compensation for pedestrian car accidents can also be substantial, and inconsiderate drivers may be more concerned with the subsequent effect on their insurance premiums rather than the more immediate consequences of their reckless driving. Even insurance companies, recognising the potential of a high claim for damages, may intervene at an early stage with an inadequate offer of compensation for your pedestrian car accident.

Therefore, once immediate health issues have been resolved, it is your best interests to speak with a personal injury claims solicitor. Not only will they ensure that you follow the necessary procedures to look after your physical wellbeing, they will be able to contact the Gardai and insurance company on your behalf to smooth out any complications relating to a compensation claim for your pedestrian car accident.

To help you with any questions you may have regarding a pedestrian car accident, we have set up a free advice telephone service on Pedestrian Car Accidents

If you or a member of your family has been involved in a pedestrian car accident and are not sure about what to do next, please make use of this service for your benefit. There are no strings attached and the call plus the advice are totally free.

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When you call our free advice number, you will be speaking to a solicitor who is experienced in dealing with pedestrian car accident victims. Our solicitors know that you will have been through a traumatic experience and ask you to explain in your own terms what happened.

Once you have explained the circumstances of the pedestrian car accident, the injuries that you or your child sustained and what treatment you have received, our solicitor will be in a better position to assess the level of compensation you may be entitled to.

There is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim for compensation, however should you choose to do so, our solicitor will explain how the procedures work, how long you may expect your case to take and the likelihood of your success.

Effectively, we act as a guide to steer you quickly and successfully to full and fair compensation for injuries sustained in your pedestrian car accident. Any costs associated with our service are normally included in the award against the liable driver, so you should not be dissuaded from giving us a call and receiving the free advice available on the free advice telephone service on Pedestrian Car Accidents

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