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Lollipop Lady Settles Claim for Hit and Run Injuries

Posted: March 14th, 2013

A 49-year-old woman who was run over by a female driver while she was working as a lollipop lady has settled her compensation claim for a four figure sum.

Karen Littler (49) from Wigan, Lancashire claimed hit and run compensation against Ceris Lovett after Ms.Lovett collided with her in Aston-in-Makerfield in March 2012 and then failed to stop to see if Ms.Littler was injured.

Another motorist who saw the incident recorded the registration number of Ms.Lovett’s Honda and reported it to the Greater Manchester Police. She was later convicted of driving without due care and attention by Wigan magistrates.

The victim made a claim for hit and run injuries directly to the negligent party’s car insurance company who, despite the conviction of their policyholder, failed to respond in the required time frame to Ms.Littler’s request for compensation which eventually led to court proceedings being issued. Ms.Littler has now received an undisclosed settlement of her claim for hit and run injuries.

Categories: Car Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Road Traffic Accidents

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