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€3,500 Car Accident Compensation Awarded to Driver in Roundabout Crash

Posted: July 14th, 2020

A man who was unable to continue his employment at a meat processing plant due to the injuries his sustained in a car accident has been awarded €3,500 car accident compensation.

The man in question, Isac Cosmin Cirpaciu of Powerscourt, Mallow, Co Cork told the court that his still experiences pain in his right shoulder, neck, back, chest as a resuld of the accident that occurred at a roundabout in Mallow, Co Cork.  and side after a crash with the defendant, Barry Maas, at a roundabout.

The court was told that Mr Cirpaciu was stationary in the left lane before entering a roundabout in Mallow when the car of Barry Maas collided with his own vehicle. Mr Maas contested this and claimed that they were actually on the roundabout when the accident occurred. However, the plaintiff told the court that Mr Maas drove into he left lane and struck his vehicle, while the defendant claimed that Mr Cirpaciu moved over into his lane.

The court was informed that Mr Cirpaciu attended a doctor roughly 25 minutes after the accident. Following this has was scheduled for two physiotherapy sessions and had to see a specialist in order to have his injuries attended to. He said: “For around three or four weeks I went to my GP and he kept giving me painkillers.”

Mr Cirpaciu said he took up a new job with Kepak meat processing plant but had to return to his old job at Rossi’s takeaway in Charleville due to back pain.

Defence barrister Deirdre Keane asked Mr Cirpaciu  why he did not disclose that he also suffered a right shoulder injury in an incident in  September 2016 for which he received compensation. Mr Cirpaciu’s legal team responded by saying that the medical report have already been provided for that accident.

Forensic engineers were called on behalf of the plaintiff and defendant. For the plaintiff engineer Michael Byrne, who investigated the crash told the court that it appeared to him that Mr Maas moved out of the left lane as he drove onto the roundabout and that he was travelling quicker than Mr Cirpaciu’s. For the defendant forensic engineer  Seamus Walsh testified that there was evidence from the damage on Mr Maas’ front left wheel suggested that the front right wheel of Mr Cirpaciu’s BMW was turned to the right. In addition to this he informed the Judge that an indentation on the front right bumper of Mr Cirpaciu’s car was not deep enough to ascertain that Mr Maas had moved across into the left lane.

Judge Ó Donnabháin awarded the plaintiff €3,500, together with costs saying that “I prefer the evidence of the plaintiff as to the probable cause of the accident as supported by his engineer” and that the aciddent could be described as mild and the injuries as minor.


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