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€34,000 in Summer Camp Accident Compensation Awarded to Boy (9)

Posted: February 20th, 2021

€34,000 in personal injury compensation has been awarded to a child who fractured his arm while attending a summer camp.

Following the incident the only medical treatment that was administered was by placing ‘frozen meat’ on the area where pain was being experienced.

During legal proceeding at the High Court  it as relayed how the then 9-year-old Erwan Rafferty Louis had been playing a game of rounders at a golf summer camp in Castleknock Golf Club when he fell. Unfortunately the summer camp supervisor, who was overseeing the game, had been running close to Erwan and fell on top of him.

Erwan – with an address at Luttrellstown Drive, Castleknock, Dublin 15 – suffered injuries to the bones in his left arm during the incident. Despite this, the only treatment he was given at the scene was placing frozen meat on the arm that he had hurt.

Appearing with Williams Solicitors for Erwan and his mother Aisling Louis Barrister Gareth Kinsella informed Judge John O’Connor that Erwan did not have any further medical treatment administered his mother later brough called to the club and took him to hospital for further attention. At Temple Street Children’s Hospital x-rays carried out by the accident-and-emergency department showed that he had sustained fractures to both bones in his left forearm. The swelling he sustained had been such that surgery had to be delayed for a week. His arm was placed in a cast and sling and he attended the hospital a week later to have correctional K-wire surgery completed.

Through his mother, Erwan, now 14, too a personal injury compensation against Castleknock Golf Club as well as Dublin-based companies BRBM Golf and Leisure; Cglf Limited and Glenveagh Properties Plc.

Mr Kinsella told the Judge that an assessment by the Injuries Board had estimated compensation to the extent of €32,000. Following this a settlement on behalf of all defendants had been offered to the boy, in additional to €1,600 in special damages. Kinsella provided a legal opinion to the court, stating that though he felt the behaviour of the course supervisors to have been egregiously inappropriate and inadequate after the accident, he was of the opinion that the personal injury compensation the settlement was a good one.

After being informed that there had been no post-accident abnormalities arising from Erwan’s injuries, Judge O’Connor approved the assessment and settlement offer. Hea lso agreed with Mr Kinsella’s comments in relation to the first-aid treatment being egregiously inappropriate and inadequate.

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