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Motorcyclist Receives Compensation for a Foot Injury in a Car Accident

Posted: August 8th, 2013

A motorcyclist, who was knocked from his bike by a car driver who failed to look when pulling out of a car park, has been awarded £250,000 compensation for a foot injury in a car accident.

The unnamed motorcyclist was returning home from his weekly ride on his motorbike, when a car emerging from a car park drove straight across his path. The rider was thrown across the top of the car and into a roadside hedge.

The victim was taken to hospital by air ambulance where doctors identified injuries to both legs and his collarbone including multiple fractures to the right foot. The victim stayed in hospital for ten days before being discharged and then had to undergo months of physiotherapy to regain his coordination and recover the strength in his legs and foot.

After seeking legal advice, the former building manager made a claim for a foot injury in a car accident against the negligent driver to account for future medical treatment – including the possibility of further surgery if the bones in his foot degenerate – and loss of earnings as he has had to take a less strenuous job.

Liability was accepted for the accident, and a settlement of compensation for a foot injury in a car accident amounting to £250,000 was agreed in out-of-court negotiations.

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