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Dublin Bar Found Guilty for Hand Injury

Posted: October 24th, 2015

A bar located in the country’s capital has been found liable for injuries sustained by a painter/decorator after hearing.

The man in question, David O’Keeffe – aged thirty-one – injured his hand at the Woolshed Baa & Grill on Parnell Street, Dublin, on the 18th September 2011. Mr O’Keeffe was in the establishment watching the All Ireland Football Final with a group of friends when, on his way to the bathrooms, he slipped and fell on a wet area of the floor. When he fell, he cut his hand on a piece of glass that was lying on the floor.

First Aid was administered to Mr O’Keeffe while he was in the bar, and then he was brought to the Accident & Emergency Department of St James’ Hospital. There, stitches were administered to the wound.

After receiving his treatment, Mr O’Keeffe sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim for his injury against the Woolshed Baa & Grill. In this claim, he alleged that the bar had inappropriately stacked glasses, causing them to fall over and smash. As such, there was still glass on the floor when he fell. He also claimed that the bar did not appropriately clean up spilled drinks, which caused him to initially fall.

The city-centre establishment denied any liability for the injury to Mr O’Keeffe, and did not consent to an Injuries Board assessment of the claim. Mr O’Keeffe was subsequently issued with an authorisation to follow his claim to the Circuit Civil Court, where a hearing to establish liability was overseen by Judge Jacqueline Linnane earlier this month.

Representatives of Woolshed Baa & Grill argued at that Mr O’Keeffe actually sustained the injury when his friends unsuccessfully tried to lift him up while he was still holding a glass. They also claimed that they adequately cleaned the bar that day, and that the accident report that was filled out at the time had gotten lost.

Judge Linnane ruled in Mr O’Keefe’s favour, stating that the bar had been filled to capacity “to the point that one would not have been able to see that the floor was wet”. Mr O’Keeffe was awarded €20,000 for his injury.

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