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Fatal Car Crashes

An incredible 90% of fatal car crashes are caused by driver error. These are the alarming statistics revealed in the latest (2008) annual report from the Road Safety Authority and, although the total number of fatal car crashes is at its lowest since records began in 1959, 279 people still lost their lives. Whereas the majority of fatal car crashes was once attributable to drink driving related accidents between the hours of 9.00pm and 3.00am, there is an increasing trend in fatal car crashes occurring during rush hours which the Gardai associate with tiredness and fatigue.

Although drivers in head-on collisions were the major casualty in fatal car crashes, a high proportion of passengers were also killed as well as pedestrians and cyclists. In many of these fatal car crashes, family members were also involved in the accident, suffering physical injuries themselves as well as deep psychological trauma. There is no amount of money that can compensate for the loss of a husband, wife or child, however where driver error has lead to the death of another, family members of the deceased are entitled to claim for compensation.

What to do following a fatal car crash

Following a fatal car crash, the closest relative of the deceased should contact a personal injury claims solicitor whenever it is realistic to do so. Obviously your grief will influence the time span involved and, naturally, solicitors and courts take this into consideration when processing your claim. However, whilst the memories of witnesses are fresh and the Gardai investigation is ongoing, it is a good idea to make an initial contact with a solicitor when a family member has been involved in a fatal car crash.

In order to make this as straightforward for you as possible, we offer a free advice service which you can call (also free of charge) and speak with a specialist personal injuries claim solicitor. They will be able to guide you through any procedures you have to negotiate prior to suing for compensation and offer helpful and accurate advice about your claim. Our solicitors have many years of experience and are sensitive to the emotions of the bereaved following a fatal car crash.

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What Can You Expect?

For most people this is a once-in-a-lifetime telephone conversation and you will not know where or how to start. The best thing to do is have a list of all the questions you would like to ask written down in front of you when you call so you know that you are covering everything you need to know.

Our solicitor will normally ask you to explain how the fatal car crash occurred, if the Gardai are referring the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions and if you have received an approach from the negligent driversĀ“ insurance company.

He or she will also try to make a quick assessment of whether there is a case which is worth your while to pursue and, subject to the circumstances surrounding the fatal car crash, the length of time that a claim for compensation may take.

How the initial conversation normally finishes is with a list of options available to you which you may want to reflect on, or discuss with other members of your family. If you choose to proceed with a claim for compensation, our solicitor will guide you every step on the way.

You can call us now on Fatal Car Crashor if you feel you are unable to cope with the call right now, please make a note of our number to use as soon as you are ready. If you would like us to speak with another family member, or would like a call back later, please leave your details in our call-back form at the top of the page and one of our solicitors will call you back at a more appropriate time.

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