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Compensation for Passenger Injured in Bus

How can I claim compensation for passenger injured in bus?

If you have suffered injuries that required medical attention in an accident involving a bus that was not your fault, you should be eligible to claim compensation for passenger injured in bus. It is rare for bus passengers to be proven to be the negligent party in claims for bus passenger compensation, and claims for bus crash injuries made by passengers will either be made against the bus company – if the bus driver is found to be responsible for your injury because of reckless driving, or the driver of another vehicle, if that road user was to blame for the bus accident.

There are some procedures that should be completed for any vehicular accident claim to be successful. The one advantage of being a bus passenger pursuing a claim for compensation for their injuries is that your claim will probably gain support from witnesses who were also injured in the same accident. Your case would therefore benefit from the collection of any relevant witness details, along with the details of the party responsible for the accident.

However, your first priority should always be your health and immediately following the accident you should have been examined by a professional medical practitioner. It should be noted that the compensation for passenger injured in bus that you are eligible for may in fact be reduced if there is any delay between the date the injury was sustained and when you finally sought medical attention as you may be accused of having exacerbated your injuries due to your own lack of care.

Another vital course of action to take is to file a report of the accident in the Gardai’s Accident Report Book. If your accident was a serious one, the Gardai would likely had attended the scene and documented all details of the accident; however, if their presence was not required you should still visit the local Garda station to have an official record of your version of events made. You should retain a copy of this report to present to your solicitor, along with a copy of your medical notes.

It is highly recommended that you consult with a solicitor at the first practical moment, following treatment for your bus crash injuries. Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation in which to determine the viability of the accident victim’s potential claim and once your right to claim is confirmed, your solicitor would be in a good position to assist in completing any of the standard procedures and in compiling the application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland.

When they receive your application, the Injuries Board will write to the negligent party to request consent to proceed with the assessment of your injuries. Your solicitor will at this time be able to enter direct negotiations with the negligent party’s insurers in an effort to reach a fair and reasonable settlement of compensation for passenger injured in bus in the quickest possible time.

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