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Compensation Claim for a Caravan Accident

How can I make a compensation claim for a caravan accident after my caravan broke loose and gave me severe spinal injuries?

A compensation claim for a caravan accident could be possible if you have been the victim of negligence on account of a third party who owed you a duty of care towards your health and safety. This may be the situation if your injury from a caravan accident was sustained as a result of poor workmanship on part of the caravan manufacturer, or due to a caravan renter providing you with a faulty product. Any of these parties would hold a duty of care towards their customers, and a caravan accident claim would be possible if they had failed to uphold this duty. Regardless of which party is liable, you should always consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity to determine liability for your accident from a caravan.

Before you consider pursuing a compensation claim for a caravan accident, your priority should be to seek medical attention for your injury without delay. This will ensure that your injury from a caravan accident does not deteriorate further, and it is worth remembering that regardless of the compensation you can claim for a more serious injury, it is not worthy of the complications that a long-term condition may cause. By preventing this deterioration through immediate medical attention, you are also ensuring that your caravan accident claim is not damaged by allegations of contributory negligence. If it is considered that your negligence in seeking medical attention after your accident from a caravan contributed to the severity of your injury, your compensation could be reduced in order to reflect your own carelessness.

Once medical attention has been sought, a compensation claim for a caravan accident can be initiated by making an application to the Injuries Board. This can be achieved by submitting Injuries Board Form A either online or via post (although claims for children can only be submitted via post), which should be accompanied by Form B which includes your doctor’s assessment of your injury from a caravan accident. When the forms have been received, the Injuries Board will contact the negligent party seeking permission to assess your caravan accident claim. If permission is granted, the Injuries Board — upon assessing your claim — will provide a figure of compensation for your accident from a caravan, which can be accepted or rejected by the two parties in question.

If the assessment of the caravan accident claim is accepted, your claim will soon be resolved once you receive the compensation amount. If the assessment is rejected or if permission is withheld, your claim for an accident from a caravan will be provided with an authorisation to be settled in court. Pursuing a claim for an injury from a caravan accident can be a difficult procedure to undertake, and for this reason a personal injury solicitor should always be consulted about making a claim. By doing so, you will greatly increase the likelihood that your compensation claim for a caravan accident will be resolved successfully.

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