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Claim for Injury in Three Car Collision

I suffered whiplash when I was the second car in an accident with two more; can I claim for injury in three car collision?

It is important to note that multi-car accidents are always complex, mostly because each party to the accident may have a different version of events. The main difficulty in cases such as these is establishing which driver exactly was at fault, and you would be well advised to engage the services of an experienced solicitor when pursuing compensation for three car injury to ensure your claim has the maximum possibility for success.

It is important that the correct procedures were completed following the multi-car accident. Your top priority should always be your own health and safety, and immediate medical attention should have been sought for any three car crash injuries you sustained. At the very least, you should have made an emergency appointment with your family GP, not only to ensure that any injuries were diagnosed and the treatment provided immediately but for your medical records to be updated to be used to support your claim for injury in three car collision.

No amount of compensation for three car injury can be recovered without a Garda report. Even if the accident was not deemed serious enough for the Gardai to attend the scene, you should have presented yourself at the local Garda station and filed a record of the accident in their Accident Report Book. If your injuries prevent this step from being carried out, you may visit the station after they have been treated and documented in your medical records.

You should have exchanged contact details, vehicle registration numbers and insurance details of all drivers involved in the accident, and making a record of any witness contact details would also be of benefit to your claim for three car crash injuries.

As mentioned above, determining negligence in traffic accident claims for compensation involving three cars tends to be difficult and it is further complicated when the issue of contributory negligence comes into play. When more than one third party is found to be responsibility for the cause of the accident or the extent of the injuries sustained or damage done, their contributory negligence will see each liable for a proportion of any compensation award.

In your case, the experience of a personal injury solicitor will, therefore, be invaluable. Determining the level of contributory negligence of each driver is difficult, and when more than one insurance company is involved in negotiations for your claim for injury in three car collision, your solicitor’s expertise can speed up the claims process and ensure that you receive the amount of compensation that you are genuinely entitled to.

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