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Car Accident

There are many health consequences of a car accident beyond cuts and bruises or broken bones. The most common injury sustained in a car accident is whiplash – accounting for 75% of all reported injuries – which although frequently temporary and inconvenient, has the potential to lead to long term health issues if not treated quickly after a car accident. A spinal injury other than whiplash or bang to the head in the course of the car accident may also have serious consequences, and because of the psychological trauma – irrespective of the physical – you may be unable to work for several weeks after the car accident.

In the event of a serious car accident, an ambulance and the Gardai would normally attend the scene and you should use the medical facilities on site to have a preliminary check-up before determining whether you need to go to hospital. Even well you feel perfectly okay after a car accident, you should always attend a doctor´s surgery or the accident and emergency department of your local hospital for a precautionary x-ray to ensure that no permanent damage has been done. Your attendance will be noted on your medical records – an important consideration if you later decide to claim compensation for your car accident.

Claiming Compensation for a Car Accident

If the car accident in which you were involved was not your fault, you should be entitled to claim for compensation. Irrespective of the scale of your injuries, you will also have suffered a level of inconvenience and trauma. In more severe cases, long term hospitalisation will lead to a loss of earnings and possibly even disability – which although an extreme example, does happen more frequently in head on car accidents.

Although a “Book of Quantum” exists to guide the Injuries Board on the amounts they may award in compensation claims, each car accident affects victims in different ways, so there are no hard and fast rules about the amount of compensation you may eventually receive. Furthermore, the negligent drivers´ insurance company may try to pre-empt a claim for compensation with an offer to make an early settlement. You have to ensure this is both fair and adequate for your needs.

Therefore it is essential when you have been involved in a car accident where another driver was to blame, that you have adequate professional representation. We offer a free advice telephone service, through which you can speak with a solicitor experienced in handling car accident claims and discuss your case for compensation. It costs nothing to call and there is no obligation at the end of your telephone conversation. Simply call now on Car Accidentor fill in the form on the left and a solicitor will call you back.

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What Happens Next?

Your call to us goes directly to a personal injury claims solicitor, experienced in helping victims of car accidents claim what is justifiably due to them. They will listen while you explain how the car accident occurred, what damages were sustained to both you and your vehicle, and what treatment you have received for your injuries.

If an insurance company has already made an offer to settle, this is a good opportunity to discuss whether you feel it is a sufficient amount of money to compensate for your car accident, and you may wish to share with the solicitor any financial consequences of your car accident – such as time away from your work.

Your solicitor will then be able to advise you whether he feels that there is a case for compensation which is worth your while to pursue. They can also explain to you the procedures involved and how long the case may take to settle.  If you believe that the options presented to you are the best way forward, you can instruct the solicitor to start to prepare a claim, but you are under no obligation to do so.

In order to take the first step to claiming a fair amount for your car accident, pick up the telephone and call our free advice service now on Car Accident

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