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Car Accident Injury Claim

The first thing to realise is that no amount of compensation, received from a successful car accident injury claim, can make up for lifelong health issues caused by the accident. So always make it a top priority to attend to your health following an accident.

Always get a medical checkup

This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised at just how many people forgo medical attention after an accident, because they just want to go home and rest instead. A medical report is also a vital part of any car accident injury claim so going to an emergency department, or your own doctor to be checked out is always sensible. Even if you don’t initially feel that bad, remember that many symptoms may only kick in several days after the accident.

Never be reluctant to claim

Secondly, please remember that drivers are insured against car accident injury claims. All drivers pay insurance premiums so that they do not have to worry should they become involved in a crash, and have to make a car accident injury claim. You should not feel embarrassed or reluctant about making a car accident claim if you have suffered an injury and it was not your fault.

Get expert legal advice

After receiving medical help, anyone who has sustained an injury in a collision, either driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, should get independent expert advice about whether they have a valid claim for car accident compensation. This is because you need guidance as to how to make your claim, or else there is a chance that like many people you will not receive adequate compensation.

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What can I expect?

When you call us you will be put through to a solicitor who is very experienced in dealing with a car accident injury claim for compensation.

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We can normally tell you quickly if your claim is worth pursuing, the likelihood of your succeeding, and what will be involved in the claim’s process, including how long it usually takes.

We can also tell you the general level of compensation for your car accident injury claim, and if there are likely to be any costs involved.

The result of the call is advice about what you should consider doing next.

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