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Car Accident Injuries

When you have been involved in a car accident, injuries of some kind are inevitable. They need not always be physical or apparent straight away. Some car accident injuries related to whiplash manifest themselves psychologically – with insomnia and depression being amongst the leading recorded symptoms. Furthermore, when suffering a car accident injury such as whiplash, damage to nerve endings in the spine may obstruct cerebral blood flow over a period of time, with any after effects of the accident not becoming evident until long after the accident.

Therefore, whenever involved in any incident where you have sustained car accident injuries, your first consideration must be that of your health. No amount of compensation can ever make up for a mental illness or physical disability that could have been prevented by early medical intervention. The same consideration should also be shown to passengers, as statistics reveal that it is twice as likely for a female passenger to suffer from a car accident injury such as whiplash than it is a male driver – due to weaker neck muscles being unable to resist the force of impact.

Claiming for Car Accident Injuries

Claiming for car accident injuries can be complicated by a number of issues. Should the negligent driver refuse to admit liability or drive off before stopping to exchange insurance details, this can delay processing a claim for car accident injuries. Ongoing medical treatment may also mean that an accurate assessment of what constitutes a fair amount of compensation for a car accident injury is not possible – it is for this reason that you should never agree to an early settlement for car accident injuries from an insurance company.

The best course of action is to speak with a solicitor experienced in handling claims for car accident injuries. Although this may be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence for you and your passengers, a specialist personal injury claims solicitor will have up-to-date information to help you best proceed with a claim for any severity of car accident injury.

For this reason, we have a free advice telephone servicefor victims of car accident injuries. This service provides helpful and impartial information about how to deal with the after-effects – both physical and psychological – of a car accident injury. Our advice is given by a solicitor, with no obligation on you to proceed with a claim and in complete confidentiality. You can call now on Car Accident Injuryor fill in the form on the left and a solicitor will call you back.

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Determining the “Value” of Car Accident Injuries

Determining the value of car accident injuries is a difficult task. Not only is each case amongst the many hundreds we deal with treated uniquely, the severity of psychological injuries can often be decided by medical opinion rather than tangible evidence (such as x-rays).

More “straightforward” compensation claims for car accident injuries may also be influenced by how the Gardai have interpreted the cause of the crash in their Road Traffic Accident Report Book. Indeed, the 10% or so of people who suffer car accident injuries whilst not wearing a seatbelt will definitely have that fact taken into consideration when a compensation claim is assessed by the Injuries Board.

Ongoing consequences of car accident injuries such as the potential for loss of earnings and continuing medical expenses, as well as factors such as age, will affect the amount of the award also. However, the main issue is to ensure that the victim of a car accident injury receives a just and adequate amount of financial recompense.

We are able to help with this. Although not able to provide medical advice, we are exceptionally proficient in organising and claiming compensation for car accident injuries. It costs nothing to give our service a try as any expenses incurred in getting a fair settlement are borne by the defendant, so please call our free advice serviceat your earliest possible opportunity on Car Accident Injury

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