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Car Accidents in Dublin

You may be surprised to learn that, according to Road Safety Authority statistics, “per capita” car accidents in Dublin occur less frequently than anywhere else in the country.  This has nothing to do with better roads or more adequate lighting – the majority of car accidents in Dublin actually occur on good, straight roads, during the day and in dry conditions.

The RSA believe that there are still so many car accidents in Dublin due to drivers driving through stop signs without looking, making improper overtaking manoeuvres and driving at excessive speeds – the single most frequent cause of a fatal car accident in Dublin. Car accidents, although proportionally less in Dublin than elsewhere, lead to pain, suffering and misery for their victims- who are often not to blame for the crash – and the family and friends of those killed in a car accident. Dublin pedestrians and cyclists can also be the innocent victims of a car accident in Dublin, with non-car users suffering more fatalities within the city than drivers of the vehicles themselves.

Have You Had a Car Accident in Dublin?

Amongst the many thousands of non-fatal car accidents in Dublin, the level of severity may vary between a slight knock at a complex road junction to the total write-off of your car and hospitalisation. Even if you are one of the “lucky” ones, you should still seek medical assistance after your accident and report the incident to the Gardai, who hold a Road Traffic Accident Report Book to record minor accidents where their attendance is not required. Failure to follow these procedures may not affect your entitlement for compensation after a car accident in Dublin, but following these procedures will support your case should the negligent party fail to admit liability.

Being involved in a car accident in Dublin can be a very emotive issue. Injuries suffered by yourself, friends and family members are compounded by the loss or serious damage to your car. Even when it is clear that another driver is to blame, you should try to remain calm, exchange particulars, seek medical attention and report the incident to the Gardai. Thereafter, it is in your best interests to consult with a solicitor in respect of your car accident. Dublin is home to many fine personal injury claim solicitors and in order to help you seek help after your accident, we have established a free advice line that you are welcome to call now on Car Accidents Dublin

Our free advice service immediately puts you in touch with an experienced Dublin car accident solicitor. They will be able to guide you through the initial stages of making a claim for compensation, and talk with you about the options that are available to you. There is no obligation on you to use their services once you have spoken with them, and all calls are treated in complete confidentiality. If you cannot speak now then fill in the form on the left and a solicitor will call you back at the time you specify.

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What can you expect?

When you call, you are immediately in touch with a solicitor familiar with car accidents in Dublin. They will ask you to describe the circumstances surrounding the crash, details of any injuries sustained, damage to vehicles and treatments that you are undergoing or have received.

As each case is unique, our solicitor will try to make an assessment of your circumstances as quickly as possible and let you know whether there is case that is worth your while to pursue. If they feel that there is, and you wish to proceed with a claim, the solicitor will guide you through the procedures involved to claim compensation for your car accident in Dublin.

You need not worry about legal costs for the services of a solicitor. The negligent driver or their insurance company has to pay for all out of pocket expenses you have suffered as a result of your car accident in Dublin, and the solicitors provided by us normally will not ask for fees before settlement has been made.

If you have already been approached by the negligent drivers´ insurance company with an offer of early settlement, you are still welcome to use our free advice service to receive accurate advice on whether the amount proposed represents fair and adequate compensation for your car accident in Dublin.

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