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Car Accident Compensation in Ireland

In Ireland when a car crash occurs, all injured parties are entitled to claim car accident compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings, damages to vehicles and other expenses, provided the accident was not completely their own fault.

Car Accident Compensation and Medical Treatment

It is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible following your car accident, either at a hospital emergency room or from your local GP. Firstly, this ensures that you receive corrective medical treatment. And secondly it will help you to ultimately receive the compensation that you are rightfully entitled to, because in Ireland, medical reports play a big part in the amount of car accident compensation you receive.

Do I need a Solicitor to claim Car Accident Compensation?

In Ireland we have an added layer of complexity because not only do you have to deal with your insurance company, but car accident compensation claims need to go through the Injuries Board, and can then still proceed on to court.

As highly experienced personal injury solicitors who specialise in car accident compensation, we would strongly advise you to talk to a solicitor as the very first step. A solicitor has the required legal expertise to prevent errors, and to strengthen your case. The insurance companies who ultimately pay out any compensation award will use whatever tactics they can to minimise their costs, so it is advisable to have an expert on your side.

To find out more about making a claim and the potential compensation you could be entitled to, you can call our advice line free of charge and without obligation. If you cannot talk now then fill in our call back form on the left of this page and we will call you back. Car Accident Compensation Ireland

It is advisable not to give statements to your insurance company before seeking advice from a solicitor. If you ultimately decide to hire us we will do it for you.

How is Car Accident Compensation Calculated in Ireland?

Compensation varies a great deal from case to case. The more serious your injuries and your other damages are, the bigger car accident compensation payout you will receive. When you contact our free advice line we can give you a quick estimate of your likely compensation, because we have long and varied experience in this area.

In Ireland the amount of car accident compensation you receive can depend on a number of different factors, including:

  • the amount of pain you experience from your physical and psychological injuries,
  • how long you experience your pain for,
  • what your injuries prevent you from doing, and for how long,
  • what are the extend or your other losses and expenses, including vehicle damage.

So for example the recovery time for a common whiplash injury could vary significantly. In some instances an accident victim may make a complete recovery within a couple of weeks, whereas others could take several months or years to recover. In a severe case their injury could even be permanent, and stop them from returning to work.

As your solicitor for your car accident compensation claim, we will rely on medical evidence from your doctor and any medical records from your attendances at hospital. In many cases we will send you to specialist consultants for additional medical evidence of your injuries.

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