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Car Accident in Ireland

Although the number of car accidents in Ireland is reducing as a percentage of the total number of vehicles on our roads, you should still know what to do in the event of a car accident. Ireland recently received the European Union “2010 Road Safety PIN Award” for the efforts that have been made in making the streets safer, but there are still too many car accidents in Ireland where an individual driver has been negligent or put the lives of others in jeopardy through a lack of driving responsibly.

According to the Road Safety Authority, the primarily reasons for car accidents in Ireland are excessive speed, tiredness, excessive drug and alcohol consumption, and despite heavy fines, risk of a jail sentence and lengthy ban – talking on a mobile phone whilst driving.

If you have reason to believe that a car accident in which you have been involved was caused by one of these factors, you should speak with a solicitor in respect of making a compensation claim for damage and injuries sustained in a car accident. Ireland has a very fair procedure to ensure that citizens are not financially penalised for the negligence of others and if, you are unsure of your rights, a few minutes on the telephone with one of our solicitors will help.

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Car Accidents in Ireland – Your Priorities

Your first priority in any road traffic accident is to ensure the physical wellbeing of yourself and any passengers. If the car accident is serious and somebody is injured, both an ambulance and the Gardai should be called – even when your car accident is little more than a minor shunt, you should still see a doctor in case the unexpected neck and upper body movement leads to a later whiplash related diagnosis. As mentioned above, car accidents in Ireland are on the decrease, however it is important for any future claim for compensation that you attend a medical centre and that your car accident is reported to the Gardai should they not attend the scene.

It is also a good idea to speak with a specialist personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible after your car accident. Ireland allows victims of road traffic accidents up to two years to claim for personal injury compensation, but it is advisable to quickly seek advice about whether there are grounds to claim for your injuries and, if so, to allow the solicitor to build a case while the evidence of your car accident in Ireland is still fresh.

With the reduction in the number of car accidents in Ireland, not everybody is always clear about what they should do and impartial advice is sometimes hard to come by – especially after an emotive occurrence such as a car accident. We have established a free advice service in order to assist victims of car accidents in Ireland with the procedures involved following an accident. We also provide clear and accurate advice with regards to their rights and their entitlement to sue.

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What you can expect

As the circumstances surrounding many car accidents in Ireland are unique, it is better for us if you first tell the solicitor about the accident – how it happened what injuries were sustained, how much damage there was to your vehicle and whether you have received medical attention and reported the incident to the Gardai.

Our solicitor will offer suitable advice for your circumstances and should be able to determine whether there is a case worth your while to pursue.  There is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim for compensation but, should you choose to do so, the procedure from start to finish will be explained to you.

After any accident, but especially more so after a car accident in Ireland in which loved ones may have been  hurt, we acknowledge that you may be extremely upset and will always deal with your call with courtesy and understanding. What we intend to offer is clear, practical advice, and if you choose to proceed with a claim thereafter, that choice has to be made without any influences from us.

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