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Car Accident Advice

Car accidents occur every day in Ireland, and whether its simply a prang, or a more serious car accident, after first attending to your health, you should immediately seek advice from an experienced car accident solicitor about what to do next.

Proving negligence

In any car accident claim the main issue is liability, in other words proving who was to blame. Statistics tell us that main cause, in over 90% of car accidents is human error, but proving this can be complex.

The more serious the accident, the more important proving negligence will be, because the damages are likely to be considerable, and claims are often disputed. So even if you feel it is clear cut, the other parties insurance company may disagree.

The best car accident advice

We offer a free car accident advice line where you can immediately speak to one of our helpful and experienced claims solicitors. We have a long and successful track record with car accident cases. After speaking with you about the details of your crash, we can tell you exactly what needs to happen next, and all the other steps required to receive a settlement that accurately reflects the pain and loss you experience.

You are under no obligation, but should you then decide to engage us, your case will be assigned to one of our highly professional team of solicitors, who will deal with your case exclusively until it reaches its final conclusion.

The fact that you are looking for the most effective way to handle your claim, means that we can offer you the best advice because we are specialist car accident solicitors.

Talk to us now by calling our free phone line or filling in our call back form.

Our Promise:

  • 100%Speak to a specialist car accident injury solicitor
  • 100%Free advice without obligation
  • 100%Provide a practical listening ear
  • 100%Helpful and courteous at all times
  • 100%Impartial & accurate advice
  • 100%No pressure
  • 100%No legal jargon

What can I expect?

When you call us you will be put through to a solicitor who is very experienced in providing car accident advice about personal injury compensation claims.

We will listen to you as you tell us about your accident in complete confidence.

We can normally tell you quickly if your claim is worth pursuing, the likelihood of your succeeding,, and what will be involved in the claim’s process, including how long it usually takes.

We can also advise you about the general level of car accident compensation for your claim, and if there are likely to be any costs involved.

The result of the call is advice about what you should consider doing next about your car accident.

Right now, the easiest next step is to call our Free Phone number.

If you cannot speak to us now, simply fill in the contact form to request a call from us at any time that is convenient for you.

Our 100% Guarantee to you:
  • Speak to a specialist injury claim solicitor
  • No pressure
  • Impartial and practical advice provided
  • Helpful and courteous at all times
  • No legal jargon